Сonstruction of Kyiv city center

In the era of constryction of multi-storey buildings in the Kyiv city center, at the intersection of Kuznechnaya (now Volodymyra Antonovycha) and Sovska (now Fizkultura) streets in the period from 1882 to 1899 a house №41 (now №47) was built. The house is built of light yellow brick (КЪ mark), and due to the peculiarity of the color of the material, the facade was not painted. It was a revenue house, had 4 floors and 3 entranceі. On each floor there were 2 apartments with different number of rooms.

Authentic stucco and tiles

The cost of renting apartments depended primarily on the floor. The second and third were considered the most prestigious, so the design of apartments was more expensive. The ceilings of the rooms were decorated with beautiful stucco, which we carefully preserved. The stairwells were lined with authentic tiles. Furnaces were used for heating, and were installed in the walls between the rooms. Nowadays, working chimneys are well-preserved and are still with traces of soot.

Property of Fedir (Franz) Pollack

Initially, Nosova Maria Klymivna was the owner of the hous. Then the building became the property of Pollak Fedir (Franz) Ivanovych – a merchant of the Second Guild, a Czech by nationality. He was the owner of the Trinity and Galician baths, sausage factory, brewery “Czech Republic” in Demiivka, served as managing director of the Demiivka cast iron mechanical foundry. Pollack F.I. also owned many apartment buildings in Kyiv. He lived in the next house number 45, where the “Lviv Handmade Chocolate” is now located.

Salon Kalkatoff

When renovating the premise where the KALKATOFF Beauty Salon is located, we tried to preserve and emphasize the authentic elements of decor and materials, as well as combine them with ultra-new technologies.

You can see it all by visiting us, maybe even just for a visit. We are always happy for you!