Hair coloring

Hair coloring is an art that has been improving for years! Every year, dyes change and become better. The main thing for the colorist is training and practice. Technologies become irrevocably out of date, and therefore it is so important that the colorist can explain what, how and for what he is doing. Explain how to care for hair at home and what preparations to use to prolong and restore color.

In our salon, we use such dyes that are in European and American beauty salons, and we never use dubious procedures with “stunning results” at one session.

Professional dyes:




As well as the full range of preparation before painting (for sensitive skin, etc.), color stabilization, hair care and color restoration. Cost:

painting, tinting from 2000.00 hryvnia

lighting from 1515.00 hryvnia

multi-level staining from 2240.00 hryvnia

Niche beauty salon KALKATOFF

Niche beauty salon Kalkatoff created with the best european standards and practices in mind.

We have 3 categories of stylists. All stylists of the beauty salon will have cosmetics and dyes of the same high level! All consultations and diagnostics by stylists of any category are provided free of charge during servicing *.
We have high standarts in Kalkatoff Beauty Salon for hygiene and safety. We attach great importance to the processing of tools, for this we use the latest foreign equipment and disinfectants.


Kyiv, Antonovycha str. 47, office 31